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Keep the spark in your relationship!

When you have been with your partner for a long time sex can become a little dull and repetitive. You know what makes him or her tick sexually and you routinely push those buttons. Likewise your partner knows what pleases you. The sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings that once turned you on so much can now seem as appetising as a two day old sandwich! That’s why it’s important to add a little spice now and then with role play, sex toys, a change of scenery or even a third person in the bedroom. But best of all, by improving your sexual technique and your understanding of the sexual positions that will give the most pleasure you can become an even better lover and bring that fire back into your love life.

Kama Sutra Guide will help you explore the many ways in which you can reach sexual heaven as a couple. We will suggest the most sensual and effective positions to achieve mind blowing orgasms and will direct you to other sites that can help to keep the sparkle in your relationship.

Bring back the fun in your bedroom with satisfying Sex Toys

In our more sexually enlightened age sex toys have become big business and you will find many sites on the web where you can get hold of a bewildering range of vibrators, butt plugs, bondage gear and more. The biggest two in the UK are Love Honey  and Bedroom Pleasures.

Be adventurous and bring a third party into your boudoir

A lot of couples are discovering that the ultimate in erotic fun is to invite another person to join you in bed. There are many websites these days where you can find a willing participant or you may even have a friend you fancy who is aching to get down and dirty with you or your partner.

To guarantee a great time without any of the possible emotional baggage that sleeping with someone you know may bring we suggest a visiting escort. These girls will ensure you have a great time and do as it’s a no strings encounter there will be nothing to worry about in the morning.

Great websites where you can learn from the best

There are many internet sites where you can watch attractive people getting it on but some are better than others and all of the good ones require you to subscribe if you want to see the whole shebang.

Our favourite site is X-Art an American based service which is available at a reasonable price and we guarantee that you will not see more beautiful women anywhere on the web. It’s not the most extreme kinds of sex - if you have a particular fetish this site isn’t for you  - but you will learn all sorts of tricks and new positions and thoroughly enjoy yourself while you are at it!

This is also the kind of porn that the female of the species will enjoy as there are romantic touches and plenty of cunnilingus, lesbian love and threesomes. Women often don’t like the kind of naughty movie which features endless and lingering close ups of the saucy bits so she will be pleased to see that this site has plenty of more subtle shots though there is still plenty of penetration and raunchy action for the guys to enjoy!

And for a treat check out the beautiful women at the Hot Girls on Film website. And if in the Middlesex area then who can resist?

What is the Kama Sutra?

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Hindu text written in Sanskrit and considered to be one of the oldest manuscripts focused on human sexual behaviour and the enjoyment of physical relations.

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